An Interview With The Literature Underdog

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Today on iAfrica24 we are unveiling the hidden myths that surround the world of literature. The world itself is a work of art made through the power of word. To help dig deeper into the literary Kumbirai Mutengo had the singular honor to interview the ‘Underrated Literature Addict’, Mr Ngonidzashe Emmanuel Chikandiwa (NEC) and this is what he had to say;

Kumbirai Mutengo: Who is Ngonidzashe Emmanuel Chikandiwa?

NEC: Ngonidzashe Emmanuel Chikandiwa is a determined creative writer, youth rights activist and poet, studying Media and Society Studies at MSU.

Kumbirai Mutengo: How did you get to be the ‘Literature Addict’?

NEC: Growing up i had a burning passion for the written word and I eventually discovered I also has the talent to capture people’s imagine through writing and spoken word. I was a constant visitor to the library, so my classmates would say I’m a book addict, that is where I then picked up the name, literature Addict.

Kumbirai Mutengo: It seems you are an avid read. How many books have you read so far?

NEC: To be honest I have lost count..but I make it a habit to read at least four books a month.

Kumbirai Mutengo: All great men read books and the mind of an individual is the reflection of what he reads. Do you have specific rights you advocate for?

NEC: Thats very true. I would say I’m an all-rounder advocate…but I most tackle on feminism and children’s rights.

Kumbirai Mutengo: What’s your take on feminism considering that you are male?

Ngonie: I believe that women have been long abused by patriarchy and males haven’t really stood up to condone most of the I believe its time to tell their stories through a male voice and bring about a narrative change.

Kumbirai Mutengo: What action have you taken so far in addressing this social problem?

Ngonie: I have been doing written and spoken word poetry on youth Functions,child rights commemorations and recently I have been writing articles on a youth rights platform on problems faced by girls and young women.

NEC: I am also in the process of writing a book on feminism entitled ‘Amazon Advent’-the rise of women.

Kumbirai Mutengo: A wonderful job indeed. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

NEC: If the Lord wills, I see myself enlarging my territory as a writer and poet activist, speaking for the silent youth on international platforms, and as a rising opinion leader.

Kumbirai Mutengo: What word do you have for males out who would want to be feminists?

NEC: It doesnt necessarily have to be something big pr public. Their efforts on forwarding gender roles transformative norms and leveraging the females ,can have a positive impact on their communities.

Kumbirai Mutengo: There is skepticism that revolves around feminism matures into radical feminism which primotes same sex marriages.Is homosexuality a right?

NEC: Well in every good deed and action some bring extremism to the table and it defeats the purpose of the cause. Personally I shun homosexuality and on the basis of my christian beliefs I further despise it. Those that subscribe to homosexuality I believe would see it as a right not me..I am a liberal feminist and radicalism is not my area.

Kumbirai Mutengo: Thank you Mr Chikandiwa for sharing your thoughts with us today.

NEC: You are welcome.

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