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It will be fireworks next Wednesday in the Standing Committee meeting when the top decision making board of the Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T meets the deliberate on the progress of the party programs for their EOC. Among them and hot on the agenda would be the review on how the recalls have been held thus far.

Following the recommendations by the NC that all rebellious MPs, Senators, PR MPs and Councillors must be recalled. There is a deliberate attempt by the Secretary General to exclude people from the list of recalls and he wants to use them to his advantage at the EOC. The general feeling is that all those who, up to now, have not clearly declared their allegiance to the Party must be recalled.

It boggles the mind of many as to why, up to this time people like, Karenye Kore of Manicaland, Phyllis Ndlovu of Matabeleland North, and one Voice Chinake of Mashonaland West are still not recalled. It is the party’s general feeling that the Secretary General is becoming the Party more than everyone else. The suspicion for obsession for power is the main reason for this mishap, it is alleged. He takes orders from no body. This is taken as a refusal to take orders from highest decision making body between congresses thus undermining the SC.

The party is in a mess!

It looks like everyone in the Party is just a place holder and the SG’s friends must come back first from Alliance to occupy their places. Its a one man band. He has literally restructured the party Structures to his advantage. If he fails to win it will be himself only to blame as there seems to be no one willing to challenge him.

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