Christianity Turned Into Daylight Robbery

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Zimbabwe leading religion Christianity, is abruptly transforming into organized robbery than a way of liberating lost souls and bringing them back to the Lord.

When taking a close look at Christianity, it is crystal clear that it had deviated from its fundamental principles.

The exhortation of preaching was to bring peace; love, joy andhope to its believers, but it had shifted to a way of maneuveringits followers as a way of milking their hard earned money. 

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of so called prophets and pastors which are accumulating wealth by maliciously stealing from their congregants, in the form of seeding and tithing.

As if seeding and tithing were not enough, they are indulging in selling of expensive goods such as anointing pens, anointingwater, anointing oil, wristbands. 

The problem is not in the selling of these objects but in the unfair pricing. For instance, the same ordinary wristband that is going for $0.50c USD on the market is being sold for $5 to $15USD.

Man of God is being transformed by the hunger and thirsty of wealth into money mongers. Apparently, this shows howdesperate our society is for a solution, that they are even willing to sacrifice the little they have in search of greener pastures.  

It’s only this heartless and brutal man of God that is not afraid to rob the poor from the little they have. On a time the nation is languishing in poverty and hardships, these thieves masquerading as man of God are seeing that as an opportunity togather prosperity. 

People are being coned in believing that the more they seed to their spiritual fathers the better their life will be. Such a lie must never be accepted. 

Let us  go back to the bible, Mathew 10 vs. 8, Jesus instruct  his disciples that freely they were given the gift of healing and prophesying, so  freely they were  supposed to give. He forbids his disciples to use what they had attained as a way of accumulating possessions such as what we are witnessing in our time. 

The Bible clearly states that in the last day’s people will be lovers of themselves, loving money more than they love God. Is that not what is happening? Is that not what this boastful and arrogant thieves impersonating as prophets are doing. What a shame! 

As the bible clearly states, the love of money has undoubtedly proved to be the root of all evil. It is the love of money that juggled this man of God in devilish deeds so as to attain ability to perform extraterrestrial acts as a way of luring crowds. 

It is the love of money that is deducing Christianity to nothing less than intelligent theft.  

Money is now a prerequisite for every Christian believer, without it one will never be able to see papa on one on one basis. In these harsh conditions we are living in, it is so sad how these mischievous prophets are not hesitating to steal from their adherent congregants in the name of seeding. 

Take a look on  how this prophets  are lavishing their riches, live in beautiful houses , drive expensive cars, brag about enjoying all the goodness of this earth,  all this on the expense of their followers poverty . Now   take a close look on the amount that is charged for the so called one on one, it ranges from $250 -$500USD depending on which prophet one is visiting. 

The average wage of an ordinary Zimbabwean is $40USD, not even taking into consideration the unemployment percentage in our country, meaning people are sacrificing greatly to see these prophets, only to receive nothing but lies in return.  

Just as the bible was used to colonies our beloved country Zimbabwe, it is now  a tool for cunningly and misleading the society into surrendering their hard earned money, jeopardizingthem of the unseen danger of the scriptures they misinterpret to achieve their goals.

Granting false hope of the impending blessings, prosperity and miracles, that on the actual fact will never come. Prosperity gospel is now the norm. 

Only God can save us from this mess!!

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