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Do We, Zimbabweans, Care Anymore?



After years of one of the most wretched spells of governance ever in Zimbabwe, after independence, after shrinking close to military and pushing away the now branched major political party, MDC, after grievous political violence and unflinching corruption and aloofness and incompetence, what dark powers could possibly drag an electorate to return the ballot box?.

Democracy in a poor Zimbabwe is a slaughterhouse and the poor citizenry are sacrificial animals. It makes sense only in a country where every nationality has the financial means to live reasonably comfortably. Unfortunately most of the poor countries of the world are democracies, no wonder the masses in these countries are extremely miserable.

Definitely often, in our country Zimbabwe, democracy is fake. A fake democracy is a very fertile woman. It gives birth to various fake babies. It creates fake political elections. Fake elections then breed fake rulers. Fake rulers loot the national resources with religious fervor as Zanu Pf did for more four decades. The lootings make the miserable lives of the miserable masses more miserable. The masses protest. The government deploy security forces and the beatings and torturing ensue.

The fake rulers make fake promises to solve the masses’ problems. The rich rulers and the poor Zimbabweans are compatriots, who live in two diverging worlds.

The poor Zimbabwean citizenry lives like a worm and the dead body is consigned to a heap of dust. Yet when Zanu moguls die their bodies are ceremoniously laid in precious coffins and marble mausoleum is raised over their graves. Even death fails to make the rulers and the poor masses equals in the dust.

Set aside the intricacies and perversities and apparently convoluted logic of electoral politics for a minute and ask yourself a simple question, what would Zimbabwe have been like without say, Zanu Pf and the current political system? Why is the masses’ frustration in Zimbabwe always at face value?

The idea of running away from Zimbabwe instead of standing guard to democracy only legitimizes the status quo that is marred with political violence, breakdown of the rule of law, injustices, human rights abuses and the general sorry state of affairs bedeviling Zimbabwe.

Financial and Economic Misfortunes.

Financial and economic misfortunes of Zimbabwe revolves around bad decisions and a crave for self-enrichment among the guardians of the economy for decades mothered by the partisan and disastrous financial and economic reforms which only placed the government on the course that was too expensive to afford. White investment in agriculture faded thus weakening agricultural output and foreign revenues accrued from agricultural exports mainly tobacco. Added to that were the deteriorating fundamental percepts of liberal democracies by catalyzing huge infringements on civil liberties of the generality of Zimbabweans. President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF depends on “unmanned vehicles” known as drones to disrupt and destroy enemies whatsoever.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is needed in Zimbabwe is a cogent, clear cut strategy. With elections surely and possibly coming in 2023, and ideological divides dominating Zimbabwe’s varying political formations, a third force is needed to coerce all parties to work together to create a stable environment for the electorate.

Zimbabwe will muddle through as it did the past trying decades, preferring band aides to necessary surgery or chemotherapy to cure the cancer that pervade the body politic.

With the President’s over promising and under-delivery, who will politically get the better end of “the stick”, in and outside Zanu Pf?

Do we actually, as Zimbabweans, care about democracy anymore?

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