‘Dr Morgan Tsvangirai’s Legacy (DMTL)’ Speaks Out

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By E. Dzambara:

Dr Morgan Tsvangirai’s Legacy (Dmtl) was founded to establish and promote constitutionalism, democracy, justice, freedom and fairness in Mdc T. Its main purpose is to restore Mdc T legacy through sticking to the party constitution and revert to grassroot support and decision. Dmtl does not have special candidates or backing to individuals, but defends the correct system of the party and attacks the bad one. We have no special cows or friends to protect.

The reason why Chamisa grabbed power was just because of politics of personal glorification.The 2014 NE,NC and some members of the standing committee put their tails between their legs, when Chamisa and cabal violated the constitution and created vanguards.

Today we have the same members of the National Council or NE who want to lecture to the public about constitutionalism yet they failed to do it to Chamisa, what a hypocrisy? Had it been that our structures or leaders were strong enough to openly challenge Chamisa before too late, were we going to be in this messy? Yes we have some who attempted but it was futile due to conspiracy and lack of support.

In Dmtl and in other group, people are now biased and forget the scars inflicted by Chamisa. Some people are just bitter about Chamisa but want to draw back the same Chamisa system There are some who still have the Alliance hangover and this will destroy all our effort and agenda. Some joined constitutionalism ,and are still joining ,just because they were elbowed by Chamisa not because they are genuine at all. We are giving blind sight to this. We now have two groups :

  1. Legacy Restoration
  2. Power consolidation

The second group is fighting hard to ensure that they build their camp and to grab power at all cost. They don’t want any criticism of anyone. Yet together we all criticised Chamisa, Hwende, Bvondo, Mukoyi, Chibaya, Kore, Zwizwai and all vanguards.

Today it is a taboo to do so in a new dispensation which we want to establish. They thwart any debate or discussion.

If people raise issues ,they are told …you decampaign leaders,……let us leave it to leaders,…..leadership knows….its a strategy…handei mberi chete…!!! If you examine closely some of these people who support this were part of National Council or are behind somebody, and this is the same style they did to Chamisa.

In fact, some who say so helped Chamisa to be where he is today but left out after being dumped. We do not want just to replace Chamisa but the whole system.

Due to this, we have allowed factionalism in Dmtl, whereby some just wake up daily, bath and go on app to promote or advertise their candidates. Such people have nothing to report on anything to do with party mobilization or activities on ground. They are just sentinels or spies for leadership. We need to hear grassroot reports from every province, and check your province and see if ever you posted anything on Dmtl, but instead want to fight only for power to come. You will make us be in trenches again because of your attitude.

Dmtl focuses on party processes, events, issues, constitutional provisions and what all our leaders do, so that we continue to guide for a better Mdc T. Now we have people who cow our members and threaten them for that. Some members are not happy that we have turned Dmtl to be captured for individual benefits.

As such, Dmtl will hold its full bench meeting to explore how best to manoeuvre and protect the legacy we are fighting for. Administrators will have to remove those who do not work to promote constitutionalism but only power consolidation . It is better to remain few,doing justice to Dmtl objectives than keeping people who have a different agenda and have no help on grassroot except on social media. There are other groups which promote individuals,we know they exist,and anyone can join those. It is unfortunate that some just joined Dmtl without knowing its mandate, and as such you must know that it is not a platform to support candidates, divide people or just playing nhodo. We must stop posting elements which divide us.

We don’t promote individualism but group work effort. When Dmtl does visits we report that Dmtl had programs in such or such districts, we include even those who could not have attended because we know it is an institutional task, not individuals. We divide leadership and people by singling out individuals. Work done for Dmtl is for us all, even if it is done by an individual ,and similarly all work done by any one in Mdc T is not an individual effort, this causes anger and despondency in Dmtl. Our leaders sit,talk and assign each other tasks. When they achieve,it is all for us and we must thank the whole team.

Thank you.
Dmtl chair

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