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By : Goodman Tamuona Musariri

|” I recommend that ZANU PF converts it’s weaknesses ,threats and negative dominant pressures it is facing at this given time into OPPORTUNITIES AND STRENGTHS than to bring ZANU PF into further ridicule and disrepute?”.|

• Allegations that Minister Kashiri is commanding police ARRESTS against Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

•It appears that our highly esteemed DETECTIVES in the CID are being undermined by our ZANU P.F Party Chairman : Madam Oppah Zvipange Muchinguri Kashiri who instead of leaving CID to detect crime on their own , she makes police services partisan by DICTATING crimes and who should be arrested to the Home Affairs Minister Hon. Minister Kazembe Kazembe?

• It is my humbled plea to my highly politically decorated Party Chairman: Madam Ma’am to consider TOTAL UNITY AS A HUGE POSSIBILITY IN ZIMBABWE!

• Targeting Hon. Job Sikhala will bring disrepute and ridicule to ZANU P.F and the War Veterans upcoming League or Organ in the formulation.

• As the ZANU PF National Chairman , I urge you Madam Chair’ , to lobby for a New UNITY ACCORD between ZANU P.F and all the MDCs , People First , NCA and all the other political parties.

• Chairman Muchinguri should consider adopting the Xi-weng politics payoff line , that is to:

  • |” Unite all ZANU P.F former factions , deserter parties , the now independent political actors derived from ZANU P.F and all the diverse firebrand Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) who have taken refuge in all other Political Parties like the MDCs , NCA, People First and others since the 1960s when ZAPU and ZANU were formed or from 1987 when the UNITY ACCORD was signed or from 1998 when MDC was formed or at least from 2009 when the GNU was given birth whichever is the GREATEST UNIFICATION for all Zimbabweans ACROSS ALL POLITICAL DIVIDE .”| Xi-weng politics Unity Peace and inspires by the Reconciliation Act.

• This is more Superior than Arresting rivals , eliminating Competition and eliminating competing ideas?

• Apostle T. Chiwenga is an anointed servant of God Almighty who God spared in that Car Accident which claimed his wife.

  • [ ” Who cares to bring a charge AGAINST God’s own elect??”]
  • Hon. Job Sikhala may actually be considered to be a Deputy Minister of Information than to be unlawfully arrested at the persuasion of VARAKASHI, VANGUARD OR SENIOR RULING PARTY OFFICIALS??

• Advocate Job Sikhala’s energy must be utilized constructively as he studied history extensively and is pregnant with vital information for the education of all Zimbabweans?

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Chairman : Goodman Tamuona Musariri
Cde Jiribada
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