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Being an African says something about being black and proud, that black excellence vibe!!. Pride comes with success and the ability to let your little light shine. It hits me differently to realize that most of the flags in Africa are Colorful. 

I for one feel like there is a reason why there are many colours on the flags which is it symbolizes the endless opportunities in Africa for people to become great in different ways but still coming back together as one and represent Africa. We do not need to limit ourselves when it comes to entrepreneurship, think ahead of time and generate visions that will lift up your name even when you are long gone. 

The good thing about entrepreneurship is that there is no restriction in the size of your startup. What is needed as the foundation is the solid vision then u start on a small capi- tal keeping the eye on the goal. 

Jeff Bezos once said during his high school days, “the earth is finite and if the world economy and population are to continue expanding, the space is the only way to go.” This is basically the kind of vision that would change the world and how people look at business and growth. He started as an employee and then he had to quit his job and came up with as a website for selling books until it expanded into different channels which gave him the privilege to become one of the most powerful men in the world.

Well let’s bring it back home, and look at our own Dr. Strive Masiyiwa. I’m sure we can all agree that the road to his stardom was not an easy one like a walk in the park. He had to start from somewhere until he became a billionaire and philanthropist. We saw Econet giving birth to Liberty and Harlequin Furniture during the early stages of expansion and these two subsidiaries did not make it to the present day but he never stopped pouncing. 

Today we talk of Cassava smartech one of the biggest holding companies in Africa and it did not just happen overnight it started from somewhere. In the present day Dr. Strive Masiyiwas’ name is being spoken of worldwide because he had an international vision and focus.

So what is it I am trying to arrive at? I’m challenging that entre- preneurial mindset in an African child who thinks that since he doesn’t have a rich man’s privilege he cannot make it. Self believe is the first in line then have a vision, be the best salesman of ideas to source funding and start small. 

If that sounds like a long road, take those funds in your piggy bank then free your imagination and start building an empire. Think global, implement the idea and stay vigilant. Growth is something that should happen simultaneously with the constant change. I would love to challenge the degreed unemployed majority as well to rise up to the occasion and manipulate the knowledge they acquired through education. I believe education is meant to be a lubricator of your mindset, it also serves as an eye opener and equips one with adequate skills to spot gaps in the markets.

Many people are not patient enough when they start small and making small profits, they get discouraged and eventually give up but they forget that the only thing that can make one move ahead of time is a vision backed up with proper strategy and consistency. I can have a dollar today, a global vision and become the Bill Gates of tomorrow because the support system to my Dollar will be very powerful and compelling. 

So this is basically the time to work on that passion and generate ideas that will help us start small and grow internationally. The power to change the world is inside you and have that cour- age to take risks because one day you are going to make I to the global headlines.

AUTHOR : Ishvi Melvyn Maniko

PHONE : +263 777 520320/+263 719 520 320

Bio: Risk Management and insurance practitioner.

A young risk taking entrepreneur with an open mind.

A passionate writer both in the technical field and the motivational lane. Have a passion for fashion and is an aspiring apparel designer.

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