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By Kumbirai Kingsley Mutengo

THE phase the World has entered is something irreversible, a time of sorrow, pain and anguish where citizens of the World are imprisoned in the comfort of their homes.

The World has never experienced such calamity since World War 2. This epoch, the trajectory that the world has entered is one final phase that is leading to the final war prophecied ages ago. We enter a time full of uncertainity, man cannot bear the fear created by the New World Masters.

Fear instilled in the general populace gave power to the New World Order.The transition came in so quiet when the World was distracted by Climate Change and the tragic Australian veldfires. It has been misfortune upon misfortune.

Fear made everybody a doctor even those without qualifications joined the bandwagon. Everybody wears a mask everyday. Because of fear, people were separated from each other even in areas where there is no recorded case of the so-called pandemic. One thing I like about the new masters they deceive the masses in making them  fear and make them believe that they care about the World.

The World can be fooled but not everyone is a fool. The new masters want us to believe its a ‘Contagion’, they want to create  a sense of fear  so that the World is easily controlled.

When human development was at its peak in the Western World  white supremacists created a sense of fear in the world through the use of the gun and law to make the world subjective to the westerners. More tactics followed forwarded by capitalistic that were full of trickery and that is how Britain ended up colonizing the world and today everyone is human when they can speak the Queen’s language.

Whenever power shifts there is also a pinch that everybody feels. Europe felt the effects of the French Revolution in which the content had to act reactionary to the events in France. Deaths, mass destruction, poverty companied this time which signaled a shift in World Politics.

Power has always favoured the West from earliest times of great human development. The Middle East records the first sign of life in Iraq which is believed to be where ‘The Garden of Eden’ is located. The area is rich with the history of mass.

The World as old as it is, finds itself accommodating about 7 Billion prisoners in one big prison. It seems impossible. How can everyone in the World fit in one prison? Five people cannot fit in one prison cell in the United States. It is quite ironic how the New World Order operates.

The World was made a morden day prison in the name of a new trajectory. A new trajectory of  advanced  state of the art technology. Global citizens were made inmates in the comfort of their homes. All in the name of globalization. Technology contracted time and space, we now live in a virtual community where information travels faster than lightning. 

The new masters striked once in China and hit again in spain and paralyzed the whole world. Trend in which information travel and the rate at which fear flows into the body is what made the New World Order take control over the World.

US President Donald Trump’s administration attacked Iran in January and killed General Solaini but never knew that there were going to be hit by something so massive that they could use an emergency fund of US$2 trillion due to the pandemic.

The fear created by the new master of the world is just a test of where the world is headed to. The vaccine, digital IDs and the age of  High Technology. Tesla is already in the market, foolish government close down nations with indefinate lockdowns crippling the entire economy and digital currencies hit hard on the market. Are these the final days for the US dollars?

As prisoners fearing for their lives keep up the fear and remain an inmate. The mask, lockdown, social distancing and the fear instilled in you are there to keep the world subjective to the new system. There is division in our inner beings as there is a fight between faith and fear. The World is in flames I pray faith wins!

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