PASSION AND BEAUTY Compiled by Branton Matondo

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Passion, an intense desire and enthusiastic emotion often reveals talents. This is so for one Eltina Chagonda who remain passionate in what she does best.

Eltina Chagonda, a daughter of the lowveld, owes much of her tender years to Chiredzi.

Popularly nicknamed “Tina”, the 23-year-old Midlands State University student has always been passionate about acting.

Since her infancy, she adored the loving nature of her mother who keeps her going each and every day.
From the normal childhood days at Chishamiso Primary School to breakthrough moments on national television, Eltina Chagonda continues to defy all odds.

Starring as “Ruvimbo” in the local series Tunga, the elegant Chagonda expressed her sheer talent on a national platform.

Her annoying character and somewhat immature attitude as “Ruvimbo” left viewers adoring the character.

At such a young age, she was given a chance to star on Slim Magombedzes production. “Tunga was my foundation in this voyage of acting”, said Chagonda.

The ever smiling “Tina” is a sociable person who is dear to helping the needy. Having the task of managing an orphanage and an old age home, she expresses feelings of never stopping her humanitarian endeavours.

Multi-talented as she is, the beautiful light skinned actor has featured in many musical videos of prominent artists like Enzo Ishall, gospel maestro Mathias Mhere and rhumba king Juntal.

As if this is not enough, Tina shared the stage as a lead dancer with Nigerian icon Davido.

She has enriched her artistic nature by furthering her papers. She is currently pursuing an honours degree in Media and Society Studies at Midlands State University. “This what l love and live for”, said the growing actor.

Having fun is what she knows best as shown by her love of songs by Enzo Ishall. She is so dear to the songs and uses them as tools of enjoyment.
Entrepreneurial skills are also embedded in Chagonda’s personality. As a founder of TiCosmetics, she sees herself breaking boundaries in the fashion industry.

Love, unity and most importantly sharing are some of the fine morals that are so dear to her heart. She believes these are the basic principles that keep us going as a society.
“Smiling, smiling and smiling is my signature”, said Chagonda as she continues to embrace her passion.

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