Peer Pressure: Students in focus

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By Branton Matondo

The student of today encounters a host of inconsistencies, obstacles and temptations. Some give in and some reject but there is always that one, very stubborn temptation.

What is the prominent obstacle stumbled upon by a typical Zimbabwean student? Peer pressure is the answer.

It entails a situation when another student of probably the same age or status attempting to persuade or coerce another in doing something. In this line of reasoning, the “something” is largely negative.

Male students are swayed in marijuana smoking, drug abuse and sugar mummies while female students tempt each other in blesserendeavours, excessive merriment and prostitution.

The above are all effects of peer pressure. The current axiom of blessershas chocked student sanity. Female students engage in economically enthused relationships with individuals from the working community. Research has indicated that most of the so called blessersare aged 35 to 55.

Anyone who possess an economic muscle is eligible to bless

The disgusting part is that these blessershave children and wives thereby revealing the degree at which the moral gloom is rooting in the society.

Just like the above, male students also engross themselves in monetarily motivated relationships with sex hungry women dubbed “Sugar mummies”. 

Sugar mummies are in other words female versions of blessers. They occupy the upper class, lead lavish lives and are best in squandering wealth.

The whole situation is a sex game surrounded by luxury. 

It is baffling that peer pressure is nothing but a blame game. In most cases, the victim of peer pressure already has interest in such unscrupulous activities but is just lacking the proper timing and location. 

The university being a, “home away from home” and, “a site of extra freedom” becomes a proper and more ideal platform.

To my fellow university scholars, “know where you started, where you are and where you are going”.

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