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Sleepless Ghetto: Neshpark


Midlands State University


By Branton Matondo:

MSU (Midlands State University) students love it and live in it, they are proud of it and they respect it. Popularly known as Nehosho or Mahosho, Neshpark has and continues to attract many students in need of its services.

The ghetto bleeds night and day vibrancy through various centres of influence. 

One of the main attractions in Nehosho is the Apostolic Faith Mission Church (AFM) that sits at the heart of the ghetto.

The church attracts a lot of student Christians who mostly do fellowships on Sunday, Saturday and Wednesday. Such fellowships gather students from within Neshpark and outside places like Old Senga and Main campus.

The popularly dubbed “1st street” that stretches from Senga secondary school to the periphery is always buzzing with energy.

Students perambulate the street from dusk to down. The “1ststreet” does not only usher people to their respective destinations, but also acts as a business platform for vendors.

Students are able to obtain fast foods like potato chips and fresh vegetables like green paper and cucumbers.

Ecocash and One wallet boots are dotted along the prominent street, making it possible for students to transact. Though the street is pothole infested, it does not hinder students from doing their day to day business.

Shops found at the periphery for instance Njomboro kiosk allow students to have access to different food stuffs. The shops are linear and they cater for variety.

Barber shops and mini salons also add to this market vicinity. What’s a place without beerhalls? Fortunately, Neshpark is not such. Jiji beerhall and other varied in-house boozing points cater for alcohol selling. 

For those lazy cookers, Nehosho has got you covered with its widespread eateries that offer basic dishes. These include sadza and beef, sadza and chicken and rice and chicken. 

What is outstanding about Neshpark is the affordability of its accommodations and in return, student influx. 

For scholars who wish to look for accommodation, Neshpark is the place to be.


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