The talkative MSU Student, Blossy

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By Kingsley Mutengo:

IN every life journey there are always ups and downs that make up a person, the challenges unlock hidden talents in an individual and brings the best of out of them.

“I don’t want to just make it but want to make it big,” these were words from Buhlebenkosi Ncube Media and Society Studies who is enrolled at Midlands State University.

Buhlebenkosi ‘Blossy’ Ncube is the real definition of simplicity itself. She grew up in the City of Kings and Queens, 400 kilometers west of the capital Harare. The young lady has experienced the worst but finds herself in the position of any other woman who dreams big and aspires for a better future

Blossy is very interested in experiencing herself. Through expression many great artists were born. The media student loves talking and this is how people mostly express themselves and since High School she has always liked debate and public speaking.

“The debate club groomed me into who I am today and anyhow I express myself through talking.”

Blossy considers herself a speaker. She is so much in love with radio and the young lady sees herself to as a radio host one day.

One of the best moments in her life is the day she stepped on at Midlands State University. She knew that this was a stepping stone in her life.

“This is the begining, this is where it all starts and I shouldn’t get it wrong from this moment and going on word.”

This has been Blossy’s goal since day one at university. She is became determined to achieve her goals in life.

What kept Blossy going so far is the vision that she has for her life. She is entirely focused on her career and that kips the young woman believing in what she want to be in the future.

Wisdom shared by one wise Indian implied that at night people dream and in the morning make those dreams come true.

The future radio/television with a couple of friends are already living the dreams as they started a YouTube Channel that tackles on issues that affect the youth.

“The fact that I am a woman is a challenge because people pull you down and do not understand your goal.”

Despite the challenges Blossy has defied all odds and finds herself in an industry run by vultures that predate and dominates the industry.

Buhlebenkosi believes in a morden philosophy by Mahatma Ghandi which implies that ,”Be the change that you want to see in the world. A philosophy that lead to the emergence to all the greatrest people the world has seen over the years. All were dreamers.

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