Wadiwa Wepamoyo Youtube Account Was Not Hacked

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Last week many loyal followers of the sensational Zimbabwe drama, Wadiwa Wepamoyo were shocked to their very core when College Central the TV and Film company responsible for Wadiwa Wepamoyo announced on Twitter that their YouTube channel has been hacked and all their content deleted.

This prompted a galaxy of Cyber Security Experts to put their heads together and look deep into the matter and they came to the conclusion that the account was never hacked, here is what they have to say. 

“We had a team of Cyber Security Experts from the University of Zimbabwe Center for High Performance Computing (ZCHP) investigating how the Account was Hacked.

After A Deep Cyber Security Analysis together with Confidential Information Gathered about the Account (We posted the Information in comments Below), We now know that the Account hasn’t been Hacked. “We obtained the critical and Confidential Information about the account and deduced that the account was not Hacked” , said a Secret Cyber Security Officer at the University of Zimbabwe. A deep introspect into these will help you believe. 

1.The password was not changed in the previous 3 Months

2.Number still in possession of the account has a +263 Country Code

3.After a Deep search using our powerful surveillance systems we only got One External IP which signed in the Email well before the announcement of the Hack.

4.The recovery account p**************mail.com has not been changed since the account was created.

5.The security question was set months ago and was not changed or removed. 

5.Two Samsung Devices with same IMEI and MAC shown in the screenshots are still connected to the account.

College Central said the man behind the hack decided to delete all of College Central’s 30+ videos and rename the channel to Dave Ramsey Live. In addition to deleting the videos, this hacker is denying College Central access to their subscriber base – just over 60 000 people.

The above statement is not true , the truth is that the videos are still there but with privacy options and there is a higher chance that after their Deal with ZBCTV , the Channel will resume its normal Functioning. 

An intelligent Gentlemen or Lady from ZBCTV would know that the Producers had been directed by ZBCTV to pull down the content since the show is being shown by the national broadcaster. Imagine with How interesting Wadiwa Wepamoyo is , No one would wait to be given pieces of it , everyone would end up going to Youtube and finish all episodes.

To Chronicles, Jani said they have since created a new YouTube account page after consulting Information Technology experts. To a Critical Cyber Security Analyst who can use Google Hacking Database (GHDB) https://www.exploit-db.com/google-hacking-database for penetration testing you’ll see the Guy lied, the new YouTube account has a an ID ending with “-0uUA” and does not appear when you search for Wadiwa WepaMoyo this is to make the stunt look real and Convince the Audience. Two things Will happen Either they’ll Sell the Account For Sure or they’ll say we now Have it Back, This Depends with your reaction to the New Channel. Please keep it in mind that YouTube Pays according to the Number of views and Subscribers that you Have, So If I have 10 Accounts with same people subscribing to my Accounts I would still get Money for the 10 Accounts. 

I am a Big Fan of Wadiwa wePamoyo . Please Go Watch it on ZBCTV .

To those who haven’t watched it Before . Enjoy the Show.

Our Point is their YouTube Account was not Hacked. 



Secret Cyber Security Official At The University of Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing – (ZCHP)”

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