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Wealth Creation And Distribution


We are living in a generation whereby more and more people are turning into being entrepreneurs but there have been concepts that have not been taught or understood by many. 

Most take entrepreneurship as an opportunity to make money, which is correctly right, but most conclusions are making money for self, which is also true but partially. Business is mostly pushed by generating of wealth, we all agree on that but as an entrepreneur whose wealth are you generating? Is it yours alone and your immediate family? If your answer is yes then today I’m here to correct and enlighten you.

An entrepreneur is like a spider at the centre of a spider web they are directly linked to the movement of every fibre of the web and see that they are all in shape and intact. Same as in business, as an entrepreneur you are at the centre of the venture and its your responsibility to see that all the people connected to your business are in perfect being, not just health wise but also financially. Who are these people we have to look at as entrepreneurs and distribute with them the wealth we create?

1) Employees

These are the people who work for you or with you. As the

enterprise generates profit, they are liable for a share of that profit as they play a vital role on making the business move on. It is very disturbing to find some unscrupulous entrepre- neurs who do not pay their workers yet they are the ones bringing in the money. The business might be yours but you cannot run it on your own so you need people to help you so in return we must equally reward them for their efforts.

2) Investors

These are people who invest their money into your business and in return have some shares in your business. They showed commitment in pushing the growth of your business by pumping in capital so in return as an entrepreneur it is your responsibility to see that you make them money and give them their share of the profit. Business is not about selfishness such that when one gives you money to boost your business, you sideline them, that is against business ethics.

3) Suppliers

Every business needs inputs and these come in the form of material, assets and information. These people who give you this are also liable for a share of the money made by a busi- ness. If you do not pay your suppliers then where will you get the things you need to keep the business going? I have seen several people being dragged to court for not paying what they were supplied, in business we do not grow by pushing another one down through taking their things and not paying them. Make sure that you keep your suppliers happy and in return you will have a smooth running supply chain.

4) Government

Every business is liable for tax, unfortunately you cannot run away from this one. It is your duty to make sure that you submit your tax payment to the authorities of the land. Through tax, nations are built and are kept going as it is also distributed to the civil service and relevant government departments not mentioning improving the wellbeing of the citizens. Tax fraud is a serious offence, if you do not pay your taxes your business may be shut down. It is not that the government is stealing from you, that mentality is wrong, as an entrepreneur you have an obligation of lifting your nation through paying tax.

5) Local Community

The community at which you operate at looks upon your business for it to be uplifted. I have seen many businesses which do not give back a dime to the community which they are taking the wealth they have from. The spirit of giving back and changing communities is of fundamental impor- tance if you are an entrepreneur. I am not saying donate 1 million towards covid-19, but do what is within your means.

Every place has an old people’s home, a children’s home and poor people within that community, it is your responsibility to make sure that they have a reason to keep living. A loaf of bread can make a difference to someone’s life, a single t-shirt can cover someone’s nudity. So what are you doing to make that differences in someone’s life?

  1. Leadership Through Philanthropy

Do not ever call yourself a leader when you have never given something of your own to someone in need, for free. As an entrepreneur you are a leader in business and to the people around you, as an individual you are a leader to everyone who surrounds you so what are you doing to make a change? We are living in a selfish generation where no one nolonger wants to give something for free, some are even making people pay for petty advise and asking for directions on the street.

If that person whom you’re treating like that was not there do you think you would enjoy living on this earth even if you had plenty of money? I believe everyone has their unique talent and expertise, such is meant to help us core exist and uplift one another. Remember the time of barter trading, one who makes baskets would exchange for food from a farmer and the same farmer gave his food to a iron tool maker so that he gets equipment. This is a sign that we are meant to core exist as human beings helping each other with what we know and have.

Do not just limit to giving money, you can even give advise or food or shelter or a lift to someone in need. Where is the love that should keep us bonded together? If there is a politician or a church leader reading this, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say; if you are not a giver then you’re not worth that seat you claim to be yours!!! We need more people oriented leaders not place or seat holders who boast of being in positions of power yet they do nothing to change the lives of the minority.

If your heart is filled with selfishness then buy an island and live on your own because we want people who want the good of others. To everyone else you chooses a leader at any level, let me tell you one secret; do not look for their qualifications because they are just papers that prove they went through school, do not listen to what they say because they can lie, look at what they do for other people; that only will tell you if they deserve the position of leading people.

Giving is caring and if you don’t give then what proves that you care? The world is a mess because it is now manifested with selfishness rather than love, lets love one another. Have you ever thought of it this way, you are a channel to distrib- ute wealth to the needy out there. Your talent is a gift not only for you but a gift to the world so why are you withholding people’s wealth?

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