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Why young people of Zimbabwe are waiting for Strive Joshua Masiyiwa? (1)


The Zimbabwean Joshua

It is of importance to note that there exist a vacuum in leadership in Zimbabwe. The nation can deny the fact we are yet to get leaders but there is no suitable leader to run Zimbabwe both in the MDC and ZANU PF parties. The two are just but two sides of the same coin.

By Mutengo Kumbirai

What the country of Zimbabwe is looking for is someone who has the capacity to lead the country.

Zimbabwe is being ruled by force and intimidation multiparty politics that is further dividing the country.

On the other hand ZANU PF gives its alligiance to China.Why is it so?China assisted Zimbabwe in the liberation struggle.We need a leader who is free from any bondage.

In terms of capacity Nelson Chamisa has no capacity to turn around the economy but through assistance from the West who would also have their interests. Hence, the nation remains an appendage of the west.

Strive Masiyiwa as a global leader has the capacity to build the economy not with assistance on any political alliagiance but through business expertise. The time shall come when a Joshua shall rise.

Mutengo Kumbirai

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