Protestors Force Clicks Stores In South Africa To Close After “Racist” Advert

Clicks Stores In South Africa were raided by protestors forcing them to close their beauty stores in many parts of the country after they flighted a hair advert that was deemed racist by the protestors, BBC reports.

EFF leader Julius Malema called for the stores to be closed after Clicks posted an advert that branded African Hair dry and dull while suggesting non-African hair as the ideal hair.

EFF leader Julius Malema released a statement about the advert and said:

The implications of this are that black identity exists as inferior to the identity of white people. It is an assertion that white standards of beauty are to be aspired to and features of black represent damage, decay and abnormality,

The Clicks CEO Vikesh Rumsunder blamed the scandal on careless employees and said the employees have been suspended:

[I am] deeply disappointed that we allowed insensitive and offensive images to be published on our website.

However, EFF protestors raided the beauty stores countrywide according to Mpumalanga Province’s police spokesperson Leonard Hlathi who said some protestors petrol-bombed some clicks stores:

According to information that we have gathered, around 1am a group of men came and threw a petrol bomb at the shop. However, only a few glass [panes] were cracked but the shop itself is safe, nothing was damaged in the shop,

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