Ugandan Ministry of Health admits mistakes in COVID-19 results

The Ugandan Health ministry has admitted lapses in Covid-19 test results and have now developed strategies to address the rising cases of inconsistencies in results being released by laboratories it has accredited.

The ministry, however, asks those who have or will test positive for Covid-19 to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the disease.

According to a report by the Daily Monitor, The ministry says some people claim to have received two different result slips, one indicating positive and the other negative, yet others claim to have taken two different samples on the same day, but returning different results.

The inconsistencies in Covid-19 test results can be traced back to June 11 when President Museveni, in his address, accused Makerere University laboratory for faking Covid-19 test results.

“Some of the 679 confirmed cases were classified as positive (for Covid-19) when they are not by a laboratory in Makerere because they were careless. Apparently, there were a few people working there and probably got tired,” he said.

The inconsistencies in Covid-19 test results mean some people have been served false positive Covid-19 results and wrongly started on treatment.

A number of people have come out to refute the Covid-19 test results from the ministry, with the most notable being the family of the 80-year-old woman from Kampala, who passed away on July 25, and that of the family of Dr. David Katuntu from Kamuli District.

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