Woman Demands $3.5 Million From Choppies

A Bulawayo woman has taken Choppies Supermarket owners to court demanding $3,5 million in damages for pain, suffering and medical expenses after slipped and fell on the floor during a shopping errand.

Gladys Nhira said she suffered permanent injuries after she slipped on a slippery floor while shopping at Choppies Supermarket in Entumbane suburb in February 2019.

Through her lawyers, Liberty Mcijo and Associates, Nhira has filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court citing Nanavac Investments trading as Choppies Supermarket as the defendant. Her lawyers wrote:

Sometime in February 2019, plaintiff slipped on the oily and slippery floor in the shop of the defendant in Entumbane resulting in her falling down while she was shopping. As a result of the fall, she sustained serious injuries on her wrist and shoulder.

She suffered a wrist fracture and shoulder injury and further diagnosis of the wrist fracture revealed that the problem would last for an unforeseeable future. Plaintiff is experiencing wrist and shoulder pains as the weather changes.

As a direct consequence of the injuries sustained, plaintiff who has been employed for 11 years as a tailor on a permanent basis by Pension Knitwear had her employment contract terminated.

Choppies Supermarket is yet to respond.

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