Hashtags Not Useful To Start Or Sustain A Popular Revolution – Jonathan Moyo

Exiled politician and former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has taken to Twitter to state his opinion that hashtags cannot start a popular revolution. Moyo’s tweet can be loosely translated to mean, a popular revolution cannot be started and or be sustained on social media but in the streets, Moyo tweeted:

As a student of politics, I must say while I now agree that hashtags are useful in these streets to bring attention to a public concern at a given time; they’re not that useful to either start or sustain a popular revolution, which is best started & sustained in the real streets!

A popular hashtag #ZimbabweanLivesmatter made international news last month after the government squashed planned protests with an iron fist. However, the government has vehemently denied that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe and point it out every time they have an audience that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe. The hashtag drew the attention of the international community which expressed concern over the reports of human right abuses despite the government protesting the claims and saying there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

Source: Jonathan Moyo Twitter

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