Nasty C puts Speedsta in his place in nasty fight

Rapper Nasty C has just floored DJ Speedsta in a social media fight that erupted today.

Fresh from releasing Zulu Man With Some Power, Nasty C interviewed by Mac G and was asked about his beef with Speedsta and he claimed the Hip Hop DJ had a personal issue with him.

Speedsta took to Twitter to diss Nasty C claiming his album is a flop and he is overrated.

Nasty C clapped back,

Imagine having Speed in your name and not in your career. Could never be me

Speedsta tried to do a ‘damage control’ in vain

You really need to do your research. You were getting bullied in the school toilets when my brother was driving me & Cass to gigs trying to push Doc Shebeleza, Trying to get in. If you know anything about the industry, SPEED is not key!!

Earlier Nasty C indicated that Speedsta had a personal issue with him and he did not tolerate it.

Nasty C took Mac G back to the memory lane,

“It was more than a song, he had some personal issue. It came from a dark place, hate or jealousy. He  (Speedsta) was lying and that is why i don’t like it. Just because i was quiet on social media he thought i was going to remain silent. I pick my battles

Asked if he has spoken to him, he responded

We have spoken through people. He admitted he was wrong and i told him that is what he should have done in the first place. We are cool and i don;t care what he does. I keep it moving

Watch Mac G and Nasty C’s interview here

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