Working Abroad to Be Made Easier for Kenyans

Unemployed Kenyans will soon find it easier to live and work abroad as the government explores lucrative foreign labour markets to secure the lives of the youth.

Labour Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui, while noting that the move is part of the government’s plan to address the high levels of unemployment, indicated that Kenya’s economy cannot absorb more than 400,000 youth who join the labour market every year.

He said Kenyans can get opportunities to migrate, live and work in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Poland.

“Through the National Employment Authority (NEA), we are also in the process of concluding bilateral labour agreements with Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait and skilled labour for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Semi and low-skilled workers have dominated labour migration to the Gulf where most of the migrants are recruited in hospitality, construction, security, transport, cleaning and domestic services.

Mr Chelugui, however, urged the NEA to explore more ways of ensuring that skilled workers and professionals also access the numerous job opportunities abroad and to widen the scope of destination countries.

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