Air Zimbabwe Set To Resume National And International Flights

National airline Air Zimbabwe is set to resume domestic flights from next Wednesday while regional flights are scheduled for October 3, as nations open up the skies for domestic and international travel.

The announcement follows a Cabinet decision to resume domestic and international flights, although all passengers have to be tested for Covid-19 within 48 hours before traveling.

Air Zimbabwe had suspended all flights late March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except a few international ones to repatriate Zimbabweans and other nationals who had been stranded abroad.In the past few weeks, Zimbabwe has been relaxing COVID-19 regulations, including re-opening the tourism sector for which the airline industry is a major player.

In a statement on Wednesday, Air Zimbabwe spokesperson Ms. Firstme Vitori said domestic routes to be serviced are Harare, Bulawayo, and Victoria Falls morning schedule, and Harare/ Victoria Falls/ Bulawayo/Harare evening schedule every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with flights between Zimbabwe and Tanzania initially operating every Tuesday and Saturday with an additional frequency expected towards the end of the year.

Air Zimbabwe said it still awaits confirmation of the opening of South African airspace and airports.‌

Air Zimbabwe added that it would publish guidelines issued by the ministry of health, the World Health Organization, and IATA for air travel from time to time.Presently, the guidelines include personal masking up, sanitizing, washing hands, temperature checks, as well as disinfection of aircraft before boarding and after passengers, have disembarked.

The national guidelines for aviation safety and security were developed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.

You can read the full statement by Air Zimbabwe below:

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