Harare – The MDC-T has warned that it will not hesitate to take action against its councilors who are implicated in corruption. This follows the recall of the former mayor of Harare, Hebert Gomba and several councilors countrywide.

On Tuesday evening, the Acting MDC-T spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni held an online discussion with Gambakwe Media where he explained the party’s decision to recall councilors in Harare, Bulawayo and Gwanda.

The acting MDC-T spokesperson revealed that his party is taking a tough stance on corruption in local authorities.

“We recalled six Harare councilors on account of serious allegations of corruption which our lawyers deemed to be credible,” he said. 

“We were advised by our legal counsel that there were six councilors in Harare that faced serious charges of corruption and our call was made easy by the fact that they had since declared that they are no longer members of the MDC-T. The charges they face are serious and therefore we recalled them including the former Mayor of Harare,” Phugeni said. 

He said recalling councilors is not a new thing in the MDC-T as they have previously fired an entire council due to corruption allegations.

“You will recall that under Dr Tsvangirai we once fired all the councilors in Chitungwiza on account of corruption. Historically we have always been serious about corruption and we act on credible allegations of corruption,” Phugeni said. 

Phugeni warned of consequences for MDC-T public representatives who are engaged in corruption as they believe that the nation is serious about corruption.

The latest mayors recalled by the MDC-T are Morgan Ncube of Beitbridge, Chengetai Marova (Marondera) and Jastone Mazhale (Gwanda). The MDC-T also recalled several councilors in these cities, including eight in Bulawayo, said to be linked with the Movement for Democratic Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa, whose leadership of the MDC was nullified by the Supreme Court.

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