Rhythm City Fans React To Suffocate’s Death

@RhythmCity, “RIP Suffocate Ndlovu, can never take down a true Genaro #RhythmCity, tonight at 7PM”

On Rhythm Citys official page they have posted on what happened to Suffocate Ndlovu. He was one of the best legendary actors and on yesterday’s episode he was short by David Genearo’s daughter.

This happened after suffocate poisoned Pearl about Khulekane hoping that she wont find out the truth unfortunately that pushed Pearl to question Khulekane even worse.

Khulekane then revealed the truth to Pearl. On yesterday’s episode Pearl short Suffocate three times.

Reactions from the fans:

@Leigh, “Rhythm City leyona e no fela gehh, rekase lebelle Rhythm City esna Ndlovu le Genaro”

@Sono, “Imagine watching Ngobese who can’t even act, the man keeps on looking at the camera, laughs like a hyena and chews like a rabbit, oh no I’d rather rather Idols extra.”

@Lotto, “True the man’s a lame actor…not convincing as a villain at all. If Suffo does die? I guess I’m done watching Rhythm City again!!”

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