Zim citizens call for an end to the wanton recalls of councillors across the country

The wanton and selective recalls of councillors by the judiciary constructed MDCT party has raised the anger of Zimbabweans who expect service delivery from the councilors in wards in the cities across the country. The recall button and clause has been abused and weaponized by the MDCT party, thereby exacerbating a service delivery crisis across the country’s cities. The recent recalls have been done in Harare, Gwanda, Marondera and other cities. The residents are deeply concerned about the mindless recalls by the beleaguered MDCT party which was walloped in the 2018 plebiscite by the winning councillors of the MDC Alliance whom they contested against.

The unprecedented and incomparable court judgement the world over that was handed in favour of the MDCT party has been turned into an AXE to instill fear and seek allegiance, loyalty and compliance to a party which they do not belong to and which they contested against in the 2018 elections. Unprecedented and incomparable judgement in the sense that never in history has a loosing party been granted the privilege of being victorious aided by the courts after loosing elections to the extent of recalling the people who defeated and won against them in national elections, much to the chagrin of the electorate and observers alike making the whole electoral processes dubious and lacking principles.
Using the Supreme Court judgement, the MDCT party has been itching to force MDC Alliance councillors into allegiance.
It is unfortunate that these mind boggling and senseless recalls are taking place just two years after the 2018 General Elections. Normally, the councilors will be focused on service delivery and delivering on their election promises. Expecting an AXE to fall on your head any time means that planning and execution of duty in line with fulfilling the electorate’s expectations becomes a challenge and a monumental task, hence service delivery is adversely affected.

The recalls have created uncertainty and inconsistency in councils. The office of the councilor as a critical ingredient in service delivery has been dissipated and adversely affected. The unnecessary chopping and changing of mayors further makes it difficult for councils to effect consistent five year plans. It has to be stressed that any manager on getting into office has development plans to attend to and get them to fruition but with what is happening, plans and programs are being aborted and ending prematurely as new brooms come with new plans.

What is worrisome is that a situation where there is no order is a fertile and breeding ground for corruption and abuse of council resources especially by those who are temporarily left in charge.

In light of this, residents across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe’s cities are demanding an immediate end to the punitive and needless recalls of councillors as this does not in anyway aid to development in cities and the nation at large.

Jonah Mupoga
Freelance writer

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