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Zimbabwe In Need of Political Detoxification

By Isaac Mupwanyiwa

For most Zimbabweans any conversation be it about farming, sports or religion ends up with political connotations. In the past two decades the Zimbabwean political landscape has been playing a see-saw game. One day there is optimism and the next day it’s pessimism and hopelessness.

People have lost faith in the way politics is conducted, but still lack will power to shape the politics for their own benefit.
To solve a problem, one need to first accept that there exist a problem. Self introspection is vital to avoid bias, which may lead to failure to address the real issues. This is what is lacking in Zimbabwe!. Finger pointing has led to over 20 years of political blame game. What is the role of the society members in shaping it’s course of existence?. Rules and regulations are set and ethics are observed in any given society but the problem comes when reward and punishment is applied with partiality and discriminately.

No individual is strong enough to hold people economically and politically ransom. What give some individuals a false sense of invincibility is the people surrounding them. These bootlickers who survives on crumbs from the leadership tables affirms the false invincibility. In the end we have one name topping the list as the supreme being. A closer look will show that even after that so called supreme being is gone there may be little or no change in the way the society operates and this proves that no one person knows it all.

So basically, it is the system that need to be addressed! A close example is how the Republic of South Africa has changed presidents but still things are not getting better. Malawi and Zambia are other examples, poverty is still prevalent. What has parliamentary democracy brought to Africa or to Zimbabwe to be specific?. Elections has been held for the past 40 years but still people have no access to at least clean drinking water!. Slogans, posters, radio and television jingles, song and dance have been composed, each and every five years for election campaign but the way of life has never changed for the better.

The resources invested in political campaign are massive but common people do not realise that all that, is not meant for them. Politicians have taken ‘hunger’ as a weapon to manipulate the hungry masses. Promises and lies have managed to prolong suffering of ordinary citizens in Zimbabwe and the rest of sub Saharan Africa.

Zimbabwe despite high literacy, common sense is failing to prevail and has proven to be a rare propensity among Zimbabweans. Influential academics and business people expose their shallow minds and partiality on political issues and a level minded citizen will be left with nothing but develop an ill opinion about them. Facebook and Twitter are the battle ground for intellectual show boating but to no avail. Instead of advocating for new ideas on self improvement there is diatribe. Polarization on political grounds kills patriotism and only increase suffering of the people.

People gullibly buy into these war of words. Hate among the political rival camps has grown to unprecedented levels in Zimbabwe and redressing may be a mammoth task like scaling the Mount Everest!

Politics has been modelled along individuals, ED pfee for incumbent President of Zimbabwe , Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and Chete Chete for Nelson Chamisa!. New political vocabulary has emerged , Pferorist for EDs supporters. And they are equated to terrorists.

Jecharists for Nelson Chamisas supporters with the name coming from Chamisas political speech when he promised to pour sand into Zanu pf food, metaphorically meaning to disturb their governing of Zimbabwe by a ZANU PF. They are equated to saboteurs who are meant to make Zimbabweans suffering.

Zimbabwe need a new political approach that tone down party politics but breed a new sense of nationalism and selfless patriotism. What is the role of political parties in Zimbabwe right now?. Aren’t parties protecting criminals?. Politics must not be a lucrative career, it must not be an easy road to riches and wealth but duty to serve the people.

The MDC- T and MDC- A saga must act as an eye opener to Zimbabweans that we are being taken for a ride and that the current political system is not people centered. Instead of focusing on ZANU PF which has proven to be a perennial failure the opposition camp is at each other throat. Everyone want to lead so as to be close to the cookie jar.

The animosity between Thokhozani Khupes and Nelson Chamisas supporters clearly shows that we have toxic politics at play which thrives on dividing the people.
Zimbabwe need a partyless approach for at least a decade to cure the disease of hate, murder, abductions, heckling of opposing party members, organized corruption and hate for one’s country.

It’s a pity when Zimbabweans celebrate the demise of their own nation!. Zimbabweans are happy to hear or read negative comments about their own country from foreigners.

We need a No Party State in Zimbabwe. It helps to cleanse and exorcise the exponentially rising culture of intolerance and hate.

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