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Children hear what is happening in the world through social media, friends, or adult conversations. Sometimes the news is encouraging — like kids their age taking a stance on social or environmental issues as the case of Greta Thunberg. At other times, children may worry about current events and need an adult to help them understand what is happening. Now there is a news show called Try Earth on social media that provides all of that and what’s most fascinating is that it’s run by teenagers.

These teens help children understand the news and feel more comfortable by delivering news in a fun, entertaining and easy to interpret way

These very young people are creative. For them, talent and opportunity collide to provide unique opportunities to share their creativity with the world. iAfrica24 dug dip to find out more about their creativity. While each is as unique as their creative outlet, they do have a few things in common.

They’re creative in multiple domains. Though each has one focus that has brought them into the public eye, they have varied interests and passions and continue to develop them all.

Age does not matter to them, the youngest Denis Kozhukhov and Maxim Kozhukhov are only 11 years old, followed by Nicolas Pérez, 12, Vincent Webb (13), Mariana Torres (13) Christina Webb (15) and surprisingly the CEO of GMH. Mr. Ricardo G Marlins (13) who is the founder and editor.

They are all children with professional backgrounds in different industries, who have accumulated a large number of followers on their social media accounts and even with schedules full of creative businesses or creative initiatives, they ride their bikes, play with siblings and hang out with friends.

We reached out to their spokesperson, the young female entrepreneur, Louise S Tinker, who is also 13, to learn more about tryearth and with intelligence and composure beyond her age, this is what she told this publication.

“Yes, we all come from different backgrounds but Try Earth unites us, this is a project that we do in our free time and the covid19 outbreak gave us a lot of that free time, the future is still murky but we hope to continue this exciting project even after the pandemic. “She said.

Try Earth News functionalities, the did you know segment where they educate people about different locations, it also has weather segments, health and sports tips where they are always up to date with current trends. All these and other segments are interpreted and edited by the children.

For those who cares about numbers and research argues that Kylie Jenner might not be the youngest billionaire but the unpublicised Ricardo Marlins could have held the title since 2018 when Forbes billionaires posted him and later took down its article. Which is why his participation in this project seems unreal because we believed he didn’t even have social media.

We contacted the Marlins family and they confirmed he was doing the project, but could not give any further details, the family spokeswoman, Ms. De Asis, simply said in a phone call . “We know about Try Earth as a hobby for Ricky, but it is not in the family’s capacity to say anything more about it.’’

 This forced us to direct most of our questions back to tryearth about whether this project was a business and how much the child actors are paid, and we sought clarification on how Mr. Marlins can edit the videos due to his well-known role as CEO and how they managed to infiltrate his schedule.

“We cannot prevent people from raising conspiracy theories in Tryearth we are doing this program to have fun with friends, as friends, nobody is paid and if it happens that in the future we receive little money from it, well that is good news for the orphanages that we will donate it to. There is nothing strange about having Ricardo on board because he started it and everyone else here has their, let me say own ‘hustles’ so what we do in Tryearth is not where we are professionally and remember that we also have  school on top of it. “Louise Sheila Tinker says

Marlins, announced a few weeks ago that he was behind the new TryEarth Instagram account that publishes news produced by children, it could be said that his informative production looks better than some of the national television news stations. However this was received from different way by people, and some accuse him of paying people to do it for him. But no amount of negativity seems to bring these kids down as they promise new creative ideas in their next videos.

Never has there been such weighty responsibility on the shoulders of young people. Never has there been the influence in the hands of young people like the influence they carry now. But for the world  to reap the dividends she has longed for, it is up to this generation to make sure that influence is channeled correctly and directed towards relevant issues that affect not only ourselves, but generations after us. This is being achieved by these creative and informative young people at Try Earth.


Samuel L Hawkey

Sam Hawkeye is freelance reporter and writer who has covered major breaking news stories across the US, Europe and Africa. iAfrica24 correspondent.

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