We Recalled The Gwanda Mayor Because He Bluntly Told Us He Doesnt Recognise Us – MDC-T Spokesperson

Court resurrected MDC T 2014 structures now MDC Alliance has said it recalled some councillors because they bluntly told them they were not going to recognise them as a party, Sunday News reports. Speaking to the publication, MDC T spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni said they had to recall 2 councillors, The Gwanda Mayor and the Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami on the basis that they refused to recognise the power bestowed to them by the March 31 Supreme Court ruling.

Said Phugeni:

I will give you the example of the Gwanda Mayor, Jastone Mazhale we had to recall him after he declared that after we met with them as councillors he had just come in to listen but did not recognise us, honestly how then do you keep a councillor who makes such declarations. Even the former Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo, Tinashe Kambarami, he came out in the media declaring that he recognises the MDC Alliance as his parent party not the MDC-T clearly he rendered himself not part of the party hence we had no choice but to recall him.

When Phugeni was then asked by the publication if the councillors they had not recalled recognised them as a party, he could not confirm or deny anything but said they will be guided by their provincial executives. The MDC T has been accused of paralysing councils in revenge recalls after losing the Harare Mayoral Election to an MDC Alliance candidate Jacob Mafume.

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