JUST IN: Other Classes To Go Back To School On 26 October and 9 November -Zim Gvnt Announce Schools Reopening Dates

The government has announced a staggered plan for reopening schools for other classes that are not going back to school on Monday next week. The government said classes in phase 2 will start school on 26 October while those in phase 3 will start school on 9 November.

This was reviewed in a tweet by the Infomation Ministry which tweeted that:

#PostCabinetBriefing Schools reopening : 

~Phase 1 will open on September 28 (Grade 7, Forms 4 & 6) 

~Phase 2 will open on 26 October 2020 (Grade 6, Form 3 and 5) 

~Phase 3 will open on 9 November 2020 (rest of the learners which covers ECD A and B, Grade 1,2,3,4,5, Form 1 and 2)

This announcement comes at a time teachers have declared their incapacitation and said they will not be able to report for duty on Monday due to the incapacitation.

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