Zanzibar Politicians Attacked During Morning Prayers At Mosque

ZANZIBAR government and six presidential candidates have strongly condemned the nasty attacks and injuries of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) leaders in Pemba Island at dawn on Tuesday.

While the presidency seekers demanded an immediate arrest and arraignment of the attacker, Minister of State, Second Vice-President Office, Mohamed Aboud Mohamed vowed to apprehend the assailant and subject him to stern legal measures.

Wete District CCM Chairman, Kombo Hamad Yussuf, Kangagani CCM Maskani Chairman Bakar Ali Hassan and 65-year old Khamis Nyange Makazi were yesterday attacked within a mosque during their morning prayers.

All the three victims have been admitted at Vitongoji Hospital, with 55-year old Bakar, 73-year Kombo and Khamis nursing right-hand, right-shoulder and neck injuries, respectively.

United People’s Democratic Party (UPDP) presidential candidate, Hamad Mohamed Ibrahim asked Inspector General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro to immediately arrest the attacker.

“We are here to condemn in the strongest terms this barbaric act…we want IGP Sirro to arrest the suspect because he is well known, or else we will ask President (Ali Mohamed) Shein and (Dr John) Magufuli to postpone the elections over insecurity,” charged Mr Mohamed at a joint press conference in Unguja.

NLD Candidate Mfaume Khamis Hassan said Zanzibar is a revolutionary nation that always embraces peace.

“We are tired of these senseless bloodsheds…whoever is not willing to respect our revolution should vacate the country,” he fumed, charging further: “Zanzibar has no space for puppets.”

The politician warned the islanders against the hopeless hostility, describing the bloodshed within the houses of worship as “Cursing against ourselves.”

Speaking at the victims’ hospital beds, Minister Aboud said a thorough manhunt has been launched against the aggressor, promising that the suspect will soon be apprehended.

He issued a stern warning against all individuals bent on disrupting the country’s peace and tranquility, particularly in this election period. “…and politicians who issue hate statements that incite others should watch their tongues,” warned the minister.

Doctor-in-Charge at Vitongoji Hospital, Sharif Hamad Khatib confirmed receipt of the casualties at 6:00am from Kongagani village, and upon medical investigations, it was established that they had been attacked with sharp objects.

Dr Hamad said the patients were responding positively to treatment.

Pemba North Regional Police Commander (RPC), Juma Sadi Khamis confirmed the incident, saying that the police were still investigating and nobody had been arrested.

Wete District Commissioner, Mohammed Mussa Mkobani assured wananchi of peace and safety, saying the government and its defence and security agencies are determined to arrest and discipline the suspect.

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