Woes mount for Chamisa’s faction

WOES continue to mount for embattled former MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa following reports that the rival camp led by the legitimate MDC-Alliance president Dr Thokozani Khupe is set to bar him from using the MDC name ,symbol and slogans.

The Dr Khupe led party, which has also recovered the party’s headquarters, says it is now in the process of permanently blocking Chamisa from abusing the MDC-Alliance brand with the MDC-T national spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni yesterday confirming the latest developments.

“Very soon we will protect the infringement that they have been doing to all our rights, which include our name, regalia, slogan and many other things that they have been piggy backing trying to get mileage out of us.

“The long arm of the law is going to catch up with them and you will see us acting very decisively in protecting our party.

“You will see us acting very decisively in protecting our intellectual property,” he said.

This all comes after the Supreme Court in March reversed Mr Chamisa’s ascendancy to the MDC leadership in 2018 on the basis that he assumed power illegally and reinstated Dr Khupe as the interim president of the MDC-T pending an extraordinary congress.

“The Supreme Court judgment was tight, serious and has far reaching consequences. It’s unfortunate that others are taking this long to appreciate what that judgment means. That is why when [Senator] Komichi mentioned on Saturday that we are going after our name [MDC-Alliance], they are surprised because our agreement says the president of the MDC-T by default is the president of the MDC-Alliance.

“When that judgment removed Chamisa as the impostor president of the MDC-T, it also removed him as the impostor president of the MDC-Alliance,” said Phugeni.

After taking control of the MDC-T, the Khupe camp went on to recall and replace senators, MPs and councillors loyal to Mr Chamisa.

Since March this year, when the Supreme Court ruled that Mr Chamisa’s succession of the late Morgan Tsvangirai was fraught with illegalities, he and his loyalists have suffered a series of defeats in the courts and presently there is a mass exodus of MPs and Councillors from his camp.

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