Tbo Touch warns South African ladies

Tbo Touch is admired by many for his continued attempt to uplift the entertainment industry in the country. He has worked at one of the biggest radio station and ward shows in the country and abroad and is a well-respected family man and entrepreneur.

He tweeted SA ladies verify before you trust anyone. 3 ladies in Vanderbilpark have gone missing. Trafficking is serious,I’m in sebokeng to help the Mguni family find their loved daughter. This BS is getting out of hand.

As a self-appointed ambassador of the Vaal because of his undying love for the area, he has always been central in uplifting previously disadvantaged areas. So it comes as no surprise that he recently got involved in an apparent human traff_cking case of in Sebokeng., Vanderbijlpark.

In a Tweet yesterday, the business mogul warned South African women about the seriousness of this national crisis.
Tbo Touch isn’t the first South African celebrity to be directly affected by the scourge of human traff_cking in the country, just a few days ago, Pearl Shongwe shared harrowing details of her nephew being almost kidn_pped. In a Twitter thread, Pearl detailed how her innocent nephew almost got kidn_pped, in hope that her followers stay alert at all times.

“A thread of how my nephew survived an attempted kidn_pping this afternoon. He was walking home from my moms shop (500m/less). A man walked passed him, (in a hurry). He dropped a roll of cash, my nephew (“N”)saw it & called after to tell him he’d just dropped his money.”This National crisis has been brushed off even by the boisterous Police Minister, Bheki Cele, who claimed on National Tv that human traff_Bcking cases have decreased since the beginning of lockdown and that the whole hype about this crisis is a mere publicity stunt.

He was immediately lambasted by South Africans, including Rami Chuene who had this to say,”Ndosi should have gracefully declined to return as police minister. He’s drowning. The lack of action on GBV issues, human trafficking, etc. portray him as one who’s lost touch with the protection of the country and its citizens,”
.Source: Zalebs

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