Good News For Parents As Zim Govt Scraps Off Second Term School Fees

The Government of Zimbabwe has scrapped off second term school fees, while 6 000 teachers are being recruited ahead of the phased reopening of schools starting tomorrow.

This comes after some schools were already demanding second term school fees, even though local schools and colleges closed on March 24 as the government took pre-emptive measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking during an interview with a local publication, the Director of Communications and Advocacy, from the  Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education – Mr. Taungana Ndoro said,

“School authorities must follow Government directives.

“The official school calendar was Term One. So, there was no Term Two in the first place, and the Government position is that no school must therefore demand fees for a term that was not announced and approved by Government.”

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Ambassador Cain Mathema revealed that the government had adopted extraordinary measures to allow learners to proceed to the next grade/form next year.

He revealed that there will be a crash program that will be put into place to ensure learners complete their syllabuses and that sporting activity will be suspended for the remainder of the year to ensure learners graduate to the next grade.‌

“There will be strategies this year and next year, like suspension of sports, the introduction of weekend classes and crash programs that will be put in place to ensure that students catch up with the time that was lost.”

“In some instances, teachers have to emphasise and concentrate on the key concepts so that even those slow learners grasp the concepts. Teachers know how to handle such scenarios

“There will be gradual catching up as we go and revisiting those areas that might need to. We do not want to clog and disrupt the whole system even up to tertiary education, so we are letting them proceed to the next level,” he said.

Minister Cain said that the government is recruiting 6,000  teachers to cater for classes that have been trimmed in line with health guidelines to fight Covid-19.

“We are recruiting 6 000 teachers starting this term to cover for the workload which is coming with the trimming of classes.

“We have 9 000 schools in the country, so we need the teachers to take the extra classes that will be created.”

Meanwhile,  churches, Plan International, and UNICEF have pledged to continue delivering PPE to schools throughout the term to ensure that students and teachers are protected against Covid-19.

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