Khupe Breaks Silence On POLAD Participation

Harare – MDC-T President, Dr Thokozani Khupe has broken her silence over recent reports that her party has blocked her from attending Polad functions.

The interim MDC-T national chairperson Morgan Komichi is reported to have said: “For now (Dr Khupe), cannot continue with Polad because we have agreed that the decision on who we engage with politically should be subjected to party structures, preferably congress.”

Speaking to Gambakwe Media, the spokesperson of the former deputy Prime Minister Khaliphani Phugeni, denied reports that Dr Khupe has been barred from attending Polad meetings.

“I understand the fixation from a lot of people with Polad and they will be forgiven. For the avoidance of doubt Polad is not a gathering of political parties, it is a gathering of presidential candidates and Dr Khupe is not at Polad because she is seized with the extra ordinary congress which the Supreme Court ordered.

“She had to suspend her participation because she is busy but she is a full member of Polad until further notice. She is making sure that she brings the party up together and clean up the mess that was left for her,” he said.

Polad, is a platform for individuals that contested presidential elections in the 2018 harmonised elections to contribute to social, economic and political progress. It was launched in May 2019 and 18 presidential candidates are part of Polad.

The deposed MDC-Alliance President Nelson Chamisa, has rejected dialogue under the auspices of Polad, preferring to talk exclusively to Zanu PF, claiming other parties were not necessary.

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