Zimbabwe Turns Down US Request To Help Fight Isis Militant Group In Mozambique

In the latest development, Zimbabwe turned down a request by the US to help in fighting Isis linked militant group in Mozambique.

iAfrica24 has learned that the Government of Zimbabwe said it would only consider assisting in fighting the Isis linked militant group in Mozambique if the US withdraws targeted sanctions against Zimbabwean officials first.

Officials who spoke to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity said the United States made the request via its Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy who telephoned Zimbabwe Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo last week.

The officials said Zimbabwe’s Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo then asked that the U.S. first drop targeted sanctions against Zimbabwean officials.

According to the officials, Moyo added that President Emmerson Mnangagwa akin to the US, is concerned about the Isis linked militants and that the two nations share strategic interests elsewhere, however, sanctions remain a stumbling block.

When contacted for comment by the publication, a US State Department spokesman said Moyo and Nagy did not discuss the removal of sanctions in response to counter-terror assistance.‌

The spokesman said the two discussed how Zimbabwe can restore its international reputation. The spokesman said:

The assistant secretary and the Zimbabwean foreign minister discussed how implementing promised economic and political reforms will restore Zimbabwe’s international reputation, rebuild its economy, and give voice to all Zimbabweans. They did not discuss alleviating sanctions in response to counter-terror assistance.

During the Second Chimurenga Zimbabwe used Mozambique as a base from which to launch attacks on then White-ruled Rhodesia.

Zimbabwean troops also intervened to quell a rebellion by militants affiliated to Mozambique’s opposition Renamo party in the 1980s and 1990s.

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