Black Coffee talks about hanging out with Jayz and Beyonce {Watch Video}

Internationally-acclaimed music producer and DJ Black Coffee is one artist that has really put SA on the map. Over the years, the Drive hitmaker has climbed levels at a rapid pace, working with international A-list celebrities.

In fact, Black Coffee described some of these moments as the pinnacle of his career. In an interview with Trending SA on Wednesday, he described working with US mogul and rapper Diddy as one of his defining moments.

“Most of my defining moments are more personal. I look at myself and the things I want to achieve. For instance, being at Puff Diddy’s house comes from who do I want to work with,” said the DJ. He said getting a text from Jay-Z, inviting him to play at the 2019 Oscars after-party that was hosted by the rapper and Beyoncé, was also a standout moment for him.

“Getting a text from Jay-Z to play at his party is something I can’t post because it’s not a gig and more things come out of it. Most of the things that I achieve are personal,” he said.

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