Power Struggle Further Weakens Zimbabwe’s Opposition

The Zimbabwean Parliament has expelled 10 MPs from the opposition MDC-T after their party wrote to the House saying they were no longer representing it. This comes as tensions between the two MDC outfits are rising due to a number of issues. These include Thokozani Khupe’s seizure of the party headquarters, and recalling councillors and legislators. MPs elected on the MDC-Alliance ticket are grappling with a dilemma that could change Zimbabwe’s political landscape: whether to remain loyal to their president Nelson Chamisa or defect to Khupe, who was declared the bona fide leader of the MDC-T by the courts.

Manicaland MDC-T Youths Slam Parly Recalls

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) youth structures have blasted the recent round of parliamentary recalls as machinations of ZANU PF, affirming the loyalty to party leadership.

In a statement MDC T Manicaland Youth Assembly (2014) chairperson, Itayi Masaka said the current infighting in the party is an anthesis to democracy and a drawback on the growth of the oppositions movement.

Masaka said the youth structures were fully behind the takeover of the Harare headquarters to ensure that the National Executive Council makes strategic decisions for the opposition party to move forward.

“As the vanguard of the movement, we would also like to reaffirm the position taken by fellow youths to seize control of our party headquarters and party assets until order reigns supreme,” he said.

He noted that the youths are ready to defend constitutionalism in the party and were solidly behind the call for the party leadership to reunite and find each other.

“MDC T Manicaland Youth Assembly 2014 structure stand solidly behind the call for the party leadership to unite and re-focus lenses on unseating the corrupt ZANU PF regime.

“It is in that spirit that we would like to call to order powers that be to stop senseless recalls and expulsion of party stalwarts as that serve no purpose at all except aiding ZANU PF to consolidate power.

“Let the supreme organs of the party, National Executive Committee and National Council take centre stage in making broader decisions that affect the party,” said Masaka.

His comments follow protracted power struggles between incumbent leader Nelson Chamisa and a renegade group led by Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora, who, armed with a Supreme Court judgment, have gone on a frenzy recalling MPs elected under the MDC Alliance banner.

The splinter group announced that it would use the name MDC Alliance for slated by-elections, leading to some party youths taking over the Harvest House.

Despite protestations of upholding constitutionalism, the splinter group has failed to hold a national congress as per the Supreme Court judgment, but brazenly wielding their power recalling elected parliamentarians.

He accused Mwonzora of pursuing a self-destructive path of senseless power grabs, which benefit the ruling party and heed calls for talks.

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