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Opinion: How prepared are we?

By Kumbirai Mutengo:

It is a fact of life that we should always be prepared for anything coming our way.It is essential to always be prepared. Even parents should prepare their children on going back to school.

Parents always look after their children and pour their love to them by educating them. Educating children is a sign of their love as every parent wants their child to be independent.

Moreso, farming parents keep surplus produce in storage houses.This is to make sure that the family is covered for the coming year or years.

The question that arises is, how prepared are we as a nation?We have our parent that is the Government.Is it showing us unconditional love as it is both our mother and father that takes care of us.

The country is expecting good rains.Some say the rains may be violent that we can experience floods.How prepared are we for any calamity on our way?Do we have a disaster preparedness scheme?These are some of the questions we ask our parents if by any means they are showing unconditional love to us.

Covid-19 should be a lesson for us all that we can plan but we never know what can happen tommorow.The country needs a disaster preparedness strategy. Many donors assisted the country during the Covid-19 pandemic and still continue to assist but the information about how these funds were used is gate locked.There is lack of accountability and transparency.’Baba vedu vanoramba vakanyarara imba ichiita dongo majaya tiripo.A father should also work with his sons for the family to go forward.

A son asks today, How prepared are we?If there are floods today what will happen to areas like Muzarambani. Victims of Cyclone Idai are still victims. How far did our parents go to assist them?These are some of the questions children are saying inside their hearts.They are afraid to speak ‘nokuti Baba vanogona kuita hasha’.The truth always hurts but we should be prepared Baba.

In the event the country experiences good rains.This is the time to create reserves.We have plenty of gold, platnum but all these mineral ‘vana vemusha’ we do not have access to them.All the maize ,nzungu stored ‘zviri kupihwa vaenzi’.

It is said for us that guests like the Chinesse and Russians are being prioritized over ‘vana vemumusha.’What inheritance are we going to get at the end of the day?

There is a saying that ‘muenzi haapedzi dura’ but when are we going to have access to the ‘dura’ as young people.’Madzibaba edu shuga inotapira asi inoperera muzvigunwe.’

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