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WATCH: Zodwa’s P**Sy Tightening Surgery Video Goes Viral

Controversial and outspoken South African dancer and socialite Zodwa waBantu has done it again. This time tightening her kuku.

While many are concerned about how they look on the outside, Zodwa is more concerned about her vagina. The entertainer shared a video of herself on Instagram doing the surgery.

On the video, Zodwa explains the importance of vaginal tightening surgery. She tells the doctor that women often felt like something was out of place after giving birth. She also mentioned that some women were naturally born with a not so tight vagina. 

She joins international stars like American actress Jada Pinkett Smith who has spoken openly about enjoying the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation.

Three doctors appear in the video working on her.

From what she was saying it appears everytime she gets a breakup she goes for a kuku tightening surgery.

In the video she says “My kuku don’t disappoint me this time around please don’t embarrass me , my next boyfriend should be the last one,” she said.

Zodwa is coming from a nusty breakup with her Ben 10 Vusi. It appears the two have not yet resolved their issues. At one point Zodwa claimed to had visited Sangomas to fix Vusi.

Watch Video of her tightening the kuk

Source: IndAfrica

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