90% Of Gukurahundi Survivors Suffer Mental Health Because Of Trauma

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) has said 90% of Gukurahundi survivors are suffering from mental health because of the trauma they experienced over 30 years ago during the heat of the genocide that wiped out over 20 000 Ndebele people, New Zimbabwe reports.

Furthermore, the Gukurahundi Survivors cannot access national documentation according to ZHRC. This was revealed by ZHRC Director responsible for Complaints Handling and Investigations department, Kurai Makumbe who was speaking at the launch of the National Inquiry on Access to Documentation report in Bulawayo when he said:

Some of the Gukurahundi affected persons are reluctant to participate in mobile registration exercises as it reminds them of Gukurahundi events.

Approximately 90% of those who experienced Gukurahundi are suffering from mental health impairments due to the trauma and cannot access documentation.

Makumbe said unfriendly infrastructure at the Registrar General‘s district offices were also hindering people with disabilities from accessing national documentation. There are unfriendly infrastructure at DRG for wheel chair users such ramps or rails

Adverse effects of Gukurahundi on accessing national documents such as birth certificates and death certificates are still being experienced. Many people lost national documents in Gukurahundi era and are unable to replace them. Failure to get death certificates in cases of missing persons who died in this era resulting in generations of undocumented persons.

Matabeleland people have complained that the region is marginalized by the government of Zimbabwe and President Mnangagwa in August was in Bulawayo to speak to civic society organizations in the region and kickstart the process if issuing death certificates for the Gukurahundi victims.

A few weeks ago, a Gukurahundi survivor chronicled how the late national hero Perrance Shiri looked on as Gukurahundi killings were being conducted.

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