Zim students turn classrooms into brothels, smoking weed, dancing explicitly {Watch}

As teachers continue boycotting class, a new trend has emerged amongst students who are being accused of converting classrooms into ‘brothels’ of sorts.

This is evident through videos circulating on social media showing pupils doing drugs, dirty dancing and other illicit activities in school uniform.

They even dare record videos doing such and this is worrying.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared war on absent teachers promising only to pay those reporting for duty.

Speaking during a briefing in Mutare on Wednesday, the President said there was no going back in ensuring the smooth flow of lessons in schools.

“I have heard that after schools reopened in Manicaland, only 30 percent of teachers have reported for duty. Let me assure all of you that Government will never be held to ransom by the teachers.

“By failing to report for duty, they think they will push us to do what they want. No, we are very principled on that. However, we are happy that some have gone back to work.

“We will apply the principle that those who work will get paid. Those who are at home are not considered to be at work,” said President Mnangagwa.

Earlier this week, teachers’ unions vowed to continue with the industrial action as negotiations with Government.

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