Zimbabwe Govt reacts to pupils’ viral videos acting naughty

Government has expressed concern over the welfare of pupils following a rise in disturbing footage circulating on social media.

A series of viral images and videos reported to be of pupils in boarding schools engaging in s_xual activities have flooded the public fora.

In an interview, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Cain Mathema urged stakeholders to take responsibility in nurturing school children.

“The responsibility for every child born in Zimbabwe is that of society as a whole.

‘’This is from the parents, guardians, teachers, school head, SDC, authorities at every institution and this is what the constitution says.

“We are all responsible and it must not be the responsibility for one person.

“If there are weaknesses in the system, the one responsible for that must be exposed and given an opportunity to explain how one was molested or affected.

“Why would people spread pictures and videos of such behaviour,” he said.

The images and videos are now awash on Youtube, Facebook and WhatsApp portraying the rot that has set roots in schools as some learners are leaving the book for the flesh, going about shameful acts of indecency.

The learners are seemingly taking advantage of school premises to shame themselves, playing dirty games.

One of the reasons cited by sections of society for such an abominable scenario is the absence of some teachers at schools due to the ongoing strike action.

Images of Jameson High School learners in Kadoma betray the good behaviour brand that the institution has built over the years.

Asked for a comment Kadoma district schools inspector Bernard Makamure confirmed the incident saying the Jameson High saga has been sorted out.

“It has been sorted out,” he curtly responded to questions fielded by H-Metro on the matter.

A source close to developments at the school (Jameson) said the issue is just a tip of an iceberg. Worse things could be happening behind the school’s walls with teachers fighting a different battle.

“These are only images that have been sacrificed and gone to the public domain. Other worse acts can be taking place in schools. Even the students fingered are not the only ones engaging in such deplorable behaviour,” said the source who prefers to remain anonymous.

Added the source: “We need to come together as parents, stakeholders, school authorities and the Ministry to stop the rot. Otherwise, we’re breeding a doomed generation.”

The same sources said a host of other learners were involved in the dances that have attracted the ire of society.

Education Secretary for the Methodist church-run schools Reverend Solomon Mawoyo explained to H-Metro that their school, Nyadire, which had been fingered in the dirty videos, had not encountered such incident.

“The District Education Officer went to assess the school challenges and he has informed that all is well.

“The ministry is not even aware of such activities and this is some mischievous person who just wants to tarnish the image of the institution.

“Even if you look at the pictures, there is not even a Nyadire high pupil and people must learn to discern facts.

“We are really disappointed by this, and if there is any means of getting these culprits it would be helpful,” he said.

Rev Mawoyo further dispelled a circulating message purported to be written by the school headmaster encouraging parents to come and take their children from the school.

The discredited message insinuated that there were no teachers at the school and pupils have resorted to s_xual intercourse.

“Everything is normal at the school and teachers are all available.

“According to our assessment, this is an inside job, there are some teachers who try to justify a strike.

“Our teachers are at the station, the headmaster, the chair and everything is normal.

“The headmaster has been traumatised by this,” added Rev Mawoyo.

Min Mathema, in the interview, dispelled speculation that teachers were not attending to exam classes in schools.

“I was at Rusununguko High School in Goromonzi and I tell you every teacher was on duty.

“Classes were being conducted as normal and so to say there are no teachers in school would be an understatement.

“The government is making frantic efforts amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Take a look at the whole world, it’s difficult to deal with this pandemic and to open schools,” explained Min Mathema.-H Metro

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