Jay Z Wears Nasty C’s Zulu Man With Some Power Hoodie

Entertainment mogul and rapper, Jay Z decided to give the props to SA rapper, Nasty C.‌

Jay Z was pictured with comedian Dave Chappelle, wearing Nasty C’s Zulu Man With Some Power hoody.

Jay Z Wears Nasty C's Zulu Man

Zulu Man With Some Power is named after Nasty C’s album of the same tittle which he dropped in August this year.

Now it has become a clothing label with the hoodies selling like hot cakes on Nasty C’s website.

Jay Z Wears Nasty C's Zulu Man

Back in 2016 when Nasty C was on the rise, there were rumors that he had signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, there were reports that he had a meeting with the label’s representatives in the US.

Nasty C confirmed that they were in touch but the deal didn’t happen.

He said at the time

We never really got to meet in person with Roc Nation, we were just communicating everything over the phone and were trying to work everything out,”

Nasty C said be didn’t sign the contract because it might have shortchanged him in the long run. He said he wanted Roc Nation to bring more than just an average offer to the table.

Said Nasty C at the time

I don’t want an average Roc Nation contract. I don’t want a set standard record deal. I want something different. I’ve seen the language they use in contracts and I’ve seen enough people get blindsided so I’m cautious about contracts. Maybe I’ve just got my guard up,”


The rapper is signed under Mabale Noise Entertainment (MNE).

He might have slighted Roc Nation but Jay Z knows real game when he see it.

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