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OPINION: MDC Alliance has let us down big time…

Why do you continue going to the courts that are captured by Zanu PF?

Why do you dream of participating the 2023 presidential elections that are already rigged in favor of Zanu PF?

Why are you not learning from the past mistakes of the late Morgan Tsvangirai?

Why are you surrounded by a group of lawyers and politicians that are leading you astray?

Why can’t you see that your party is being destroyed and yet you are doing nothing at all?

Why are you too blind to see that you are losing it slowly and yet you still say that you have the numbers?

Why can’t you see it that Mnangagwa is using the Covid-19 to destroy you once and for all?

Why are you still asking for permission from the police to stage a demonstration?

Why do you continue asking for help from AU and SADC knowing that these are political clubs of tyrants and dictators? 

Why are your members being abducted, raped tortured and arrested? And you only reply via twitter?

Why did Mwonzora, Komichi, Mudzuri and recently Mashakada and other MPs deserted you and you can’t see anything wrong within you?

Mr. President I don’t hate you but you lack the political stamina that Tsvangirai had.

Mr. President you are dying a natural death yet you claim to have the numbers.

Mr. President even Jonathan Moyo told you that only a revolution can remove Zanu Pf.

Mr. President I don’t hate you but its time you remove the pastoral jacket and put on a mafia jacket.

Mr. President why can’t you see that Zimbabweans have suffered to the born marrow.



Source – Knowledge Hakata 

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