ANC official’s family robbed at gunpoint by men ’sent to kill him’

The ANC caucus in the region called for increased protection for councillors after four gunmen allegedly stormed the home of Ward 89 councillor Monde Nqulwana and robbed his family at gunpoint.

Nqulwana said he was at home with his wife and children when the men broke down his burglar bars and door and robbed them at gunpoint last Thursday.

“They took our phones and demanded the PIN number of the (bank) card. They said they were sent to kill me.

“I do not want to speculate that this attack was against me as a councillor, and I do not want to take their threats seriously, but anything is possible. They said they have been looking for me,” he said.

Nqulwana said that after reporting the incident to police, he has moved from the house in fear of the perpetrators returning.

“We closed the house and left it. My life is not safe at all. Their message is that someone has sent them, and if this sort of incident can happen to me as a community leader, how much more (can they do) to community members?” he asked.

Nqulwana said in 2018, in a separate incident, his shack was demolished during a protest.

In a statement, ANC caucus spokesperson Fiona Abrahams said the lives of councillors and their families are threatened on a daily basis.

“With all the resources law enforcement has, to this day the City has not responded to councillor Nqulwana’s call. We call on City of Cape Town speaker Dirk Smit to act in making resources available to ensure the safety of all councillors.

“We also call on the speaker to get to the bottom of why no one responded to date to the threat reported by the councillor the same evening, and took appropriate action,” she said.

Abrahams said they strongly condemned the targeting of people’s representatives by criminals.

Smit said that when he was notified of the incident by Nqulwana, his office referred the councillor’s request for stress leave to the office of the chief whip of council and confirmed that it would investigate the alleged non-response of law enforcement to the activation of his home panic button at the time.

He said that councillor safety, as with that of any other ordinary South African citizen, lies with SAPS.

“The City council is not responsible for councillor safety, and there is a ceiling to the assistance that council can provide for all councillors in this regard. 

’’Such mechanisms usually include the installation of a panic button at the affected councillor’s home or office, upon the advice of the City’s VIP unit, following a threat assessment of the councillor in question,” Smit said.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said police were investigating a house robbery case registered at Khayelitsha SAPS.

Anyone with information can anonymously contact Crime Stop at 08600 10111 or SMS Crime Line 32211.

Cape Times

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