Missing Durban pupil last seen five minutes from her home

A Montclair 15-year-old Grade 10 pupil who has been missing for more than a week was last seen five minutes from her home, returning from school.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said Snegugu Nozipho Buthelezi went missing on October 2.

Buthelezi’s mother, Lungile Mthiyane, 36, said Snegugu’s friend, who was last seen with her, told her she had seen Snegugu close to home when the friend boarded a taxi.

“The friend was shocked to hear that she had not arrived home when I phoned her that afternoon. This is the second week now and there have been no leads. I’ve spoken to the friend more than once and each time her story is the same. I don’t have anything else to try in finding her because she doesn’t have a phone. I’ve had no one phoning in to say they have seen her somewhere,” said Mthiyane.

She said on the day of Sne’s disappearance, Sne’s father dropped her off at her school, Mowat Park High.

Mthiyane said normally school finished at 2pm but parents had received communication from the school that all pupils would be going home at 1.30pm that day.

That week her daughter had been staying at school for study sessions preparing for tests the following week.

“When her father arrived as per the school’s communication, Sne told him she’d be staying for a study session and should be fetched at 3.30pm.”

Mthiyane said when Sne’s father arrived that afternoon there was no one at the school, and after asking an employee he was told the pupils had all gone home.

“Sne doesn’t have a phone so she uses mine to talk to her friends. I phoned one friend who told me she had left Sne standing at the school gate with another friend of theirs. She said she left them there when her transport arrived. She gave me the other friend’s number who told me that they had walked from school,” she said.

Mthiyane said they had lived in the area for 12 years.

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