ZRP Worried Over The Increase In Unlicensed Guns In Zimbabwe

ZRP has expressed deep concern over the increasing number of people with unlicensed guns in Zimbabwe. the Daily News reports.

The matter came to light as ZRP Police Spokesperson Paul Nyathi was speaking to the publication when he spoke about the incident that occurred at retired army official Lieutenant General Rugeje’s house where a robber was shot dead during a break-in.

Assistant Nyathi said:

There is a rise in the number of people with firearms (guns) and we are keen to establish their source and make sure that the law takes its course.

Assistant Nyathi also explained how the robbers got access to the general’s house in the first place:

Investigations are ongoing. We have learnt that the suspects attacked one of the security guards who patrol the area during the night.

The guard, Constain Chinoda, was axed in the head before they dispossessed him of his baton which they later used in the robbery at General Rugeje’s home.

We urge members of the public to prioritise their security when they are at home,” Nyathi told the Daily News.

…..We are happy that at the moment we are on top of the situation because in most of the robbery cases we have received, arrests have been made

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