Cost Of Living For 6 Rise To $21k – CCZ

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has claimed that the cost of living for a family of six people rose to nearly ZWL$21 000 in the month of September up from $14.4 at the end of August.

CCZ attributes the 5.29% rise in the food basket from $10 742.82 by end of August 2020 to $11 311.27 by end-September 2020 to factors including inflation. Said the consumer rights lobby group:

The spike increase in the total figure of the basket is attributed to the price adjustments shown above especially on the non-food items, due to inflation, influence of the exchange rate and in exceptional cases the parallel market.

CCZ also observed that the market has not fully adjusted to the displaying of prices in both US dollars and RTGS as provided for by Statutory Instrument 185 giving businesses room to manipulate the forex rate.

The consumer lobby group encouraged consumers who are buying in United States dollars to be knowledgeable of the prevailing weekly auction exchange rate to avoid being overcharged.

Observably, the cost of living is now too high for many government workers especially teachers who are earning an average of US$30 per month.

Workers have often tried to engage the employer demanding the restoration of their 2018 salaries but results have been disappointing so far.

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