Bhebhe Is Misinterpreting the Supreme Court Judgment: MDC-T

By Staff Reporter
Harare – The MDC-T has responded to an explosive affidavit filed at the High court last week by its national organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe. In his affidavit, Bhebhe accuses the MDC-T leadership, in particular Dr Thokozani Khupe and Senator Morgan Komichi of failing to convene national council meetings, purging members and blowing party funds.

Addressing journalists late on Saturday, the MDC-T national spokesperson, Senator Khaliphani Phugeni said Bhebhe was failing to interpret the Supreme Court judgment which directed the party to go for an extra ordinary congress to elect a successor to the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

“Bhebhe has been very clear on his views, he thinks that we must reconcile so to speak .His interpretation of the judgment says there are two factions, which is a wrong interpretation as far as the party is concerned.

“There are no two factions, there is a party and there is a faction that is following an individual. The Supreme Court in fact confirmed the constitution of MDC-T, it did not suspend it as he would want us to believe .The constitution is still in operation and so anyone who is found foul or who is offensive to the constitution will be subjected to the operation of the constitution .You cannot be an executive of two political parties. We cannot have people who belong to another political party coming to our extra ordinary congress as delegates,” said Phugeni.

He said the MDC-T has not been able to convene meetings of its constitutional organs due to the covid-19 epidemic.

“There has been covid-19. The national council sat on the 9th of May and it made a number of resolutions. It further resolved to effect recalls and gap-fill the standing committee. And so the national council was convened. That there was no national executive is because of the fact that after our national council, there was an outcry that says, there are people in rural areas who could not participate (in a virtual meeting), can we please try and meet physically. The rules then did not permit us to meet physically because of the numbers and it became obvious that it’s impossible to convene a physical meeting,” Phugeni said.

Phugeni said he was not offended by the disparaging comments made by Bhebhe in his affidavit.

“I am not offended at all, he is an elderly person and let him vent if he feels like venting. He still retains my utmost respect. We must afford him space and respect. The case will not be decided on the type of language used in his affidavit,” said the MDC-T spokesperson.

The Acting President of the MDC-T, Dr Thokozani Khupe has since filed a notice of opposition to a civil application brought by Gilbert Kagodora and Nason Mamuse who are both believed to be Bhebhe’s proxies. In her notice of opposition, Khupe also asked the court to expunge from the record an affidavit filed by Bhebhe on the basis that he is not authorized to speak about MDC-T affairs in a court of law in respect of any functions assigned to him by the party constitution. She further submitted that Bhebhe is accountable to her and relevant organs of the MDC-T.

Khupe went on to state that only the MDC-T and its authorized officials can appear in a court of law and that Bhebhe’s affidavit raises his own grievances separate from what the applicants raised which is disallowed in terms of court rules.
Efforts to get a comment from Bhebhe were unsuccessful.

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