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Mother Buries All 5 Children After They Die In Horrible Fire On Her Birthday

In a heartbreaking tragedy, a 34-year-old single mother, Sabrina Dunigan, from St. Louis, Missouri, faced an unimaginable loss as all five of her children, aged between two and nine, perished in a devastating fire on her birthday. Sabrina’s valiant attempts to rescue her children were in vain, as the flames had already consumed her one-bedroom apartment.

The horrific incident unfolded when Sabrina briefly left her children alone in their apartment while she went to pick someone up. Upon her return, she was met with the horrifying sight of her home engulfed in flames. Despite her desperate efforts to save her children, the intensity of the fire forced firefighters to restrain her, preventing her from entering the inferno.

Tragically, the victims were identified as nine-year-old Deontay Dunigan, seven-year-old twins Heaven and Nevaeh Dunigan, four-year-old Jabari Johnson, and two-year-old Loyal Dunigan.

Firefighters heroically responded to the scene, but despite their efforts, two children were found lifeless inside the apartment, while three others were unconscious on the floor. Regrettably, two of the children succumbed to their injuries during the rescue operation, and the fifth child passed away on the way to the hospital.

The Dunigan family, who had recently moved into the apartment after their previous home was destroyed in a fire, faced an unfathomable tragedy. Investigators are diligently working to determine the cause of the fire, while the grieving family and the community seek solace and support during this devastating time.

Eskom eases load shedding for Friday

Load Shedding Update: Stage 5 Implemented from 05h00 on Friday

Eskom, the power utility, has announced the easing of load shedding with the implementation of Stage 5 starting at 05h00 on Friday.

Stage 5 Continues Until 16h00

Stage 5 will remain in effect until 16h00, and the group plans to release an updated schedule for the weekend later in the day.

All-Week Stage 6 Load Shedding

Throughout the week, South Africa has experienced continuous Stage 6 load shedding.

Reasons for Escalation: Unit Losses and Maintenance

According to the Minister of Electricity, the escalation is attributed to both generating unit losses and an increase in planned maintenance.

Addressing Neglected Maintenance

The minister highlighted that Eskom’s generating units have suffered from neglect and insufficient maintenance practices over the years, which has contributed to the current situation.

Financial Relief and Maintenance Conditions

Eskom has received financial relief of R254 billion from the National Treasury, but this comes with the condition that the power utility must prioritize the maintenance of its assets.

Rigorous Planned Maintenance Regime

In response to the conditions, Eskom has adopted a strict planned maintenance regime, which will impact the availability of power supply.

Possibility of Intensified Power Interruptions

Acknowledging the short-term challenges, the minister stated that there is a possibility of increased power interruptions, depending on how planned maintenance and unplanned losses intersect.

Winter Mitigation Efforts

During winter, Eskom had slowed down planned maintenance to prevent severe load shedding due to heightened demand.

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